You're selling your handmade products at your local craft fair but aren't sure what will sell. It's not a matter of what you think will sell but about what has sold in the past.

How do you find out? Follow these 10 tips to produce hot sellers for your next event.

Keep Production Costs Low

Craft fairs are not the time to bring out your artistic creations. The best way to make a profit is to keep costs low. This means that you need to sell your item for more than it costs to make.

Example: One baby sweater costs $25 to make. To earn a profit you must mark it up to get your costs back plus make a profit. This is not something to sell at a fair.

Example: A set of 3 face cleaners cost $1.75 to make. It is easy to mark this item up and to make a profit. This makes a good choice.

Cater to the Largest Demographic

Before you produce the goods for your show you need to know who will be attending. Will they be retired? Is it a family oriented show? Is there an entrance fee or is it a no cost event?

These are important to know because this is how you decide what products to sell.

Keep Prices Below $25.00

Most local craft fairs are run by churches or non-profit clubs. They make their money by selling the booth space not by you selling your product.

You want to have varying prices from $1 - $25 so everyone, including children can have fun shopping.

Stick with Everyday Gifts

Gifts that are simple and appeal to certain groups are best. Think children, girl friends, boy friends, teachers, coaches, grandparents, parents, holidays, bosses and other common relationships and events.

Make Quick Items

The items you make should not take more than 1-hour. You want to stick with products that you can make in under 30-minutes. This way your profit margin will be high.

Package to Sell

You want to have quick sets that are easy for customers to purchase. Think about how you shop during Christmas or Easter. You like the pre-made gift sets because the choice has already been done for you.

Shoppers are busy people so make it easy for them to choose a gift.

Trendy Can Be Viral

What's happening around you during your event? What's viral on social media or in your town? Capitalize on that. Don't use copyrighted characters or images but use similar colors or wacky sayings.

Example: Local sports colors make good products. In other words ribbons, hats, bracelets, etc.

Invite Friends to The Show

This might be a little sneaky but it helps to invite friends to the craft fair. Have them wear your product around.

Think of the last time you were at an amusement park or concert. Certain items were hot sellers. Why? People saw others wearing the item (mouse ears) and wanted them too.

Price Your Items to Sell

This is different from pricing under $25. Group products together. Some common groupings are:

buy one get one free

buy one get one half off

2 for the price of one

50% off two

Buy this get that

Colors Make the World a Better Place

Psychology has proven that color affects the way we feel. In fact we place a big value on how visually pleasing something is. Use this to your advantage.

Red - urgency, sale, and energy

Yellow - youthful, optimistic, attention grabbing

Blue - trust and security

Green - wealth and relaxation

Orange - buy, sell, now

Pink - romantic and feminine

Purple - soothing and calming

Knowing what sells well will help increase your sales at your next craft fair.

Here's an action step for you to take:

Go to your local store. What are they selling? How are they marketing it? Pay close attention to how they use color and pricing in their displays.